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Identity theft can be as scary as it sounds. My dad first noticed fraudulent charges on his credit cards two years ago. But that was just the beginning. He eventually had to cancel and replace each of his credit cards and change each of his web passwords. My dad’s case was extreme, but if you suspect that you are the victim of the identity theft, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Cancel and replace your existing cards: Immediately contact your credit and debit card issuers and inform them that you suspect fraudulent charges have been made using your credit card. Fortunately, as a consumer, you aren’t liable for these charges but understand your rights and responsibilities should these charges occur.
  • Contact credit bureaus: My dad suspected that someone was creating new credit card accounts under his name and he was right! Be sure to contact each of the three credit bureaus and ask them to put a security freeze on your account.
  • Change Your Passwords: The weirdest moment for my dad was when he realized someone was using his Netflix account to order movies. Make sure that you change any passwords that may be linked to your credit card or social security number.

Identity theft can be a real pain but thankfully it is rare. There are several steps that you can take to protect yourself from identity theft but if you find yourself a victim, be sure to contact the proper authorities.

by JohnH

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