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Okay. If you’re like me, you budgeted and you planned and you promised yourself that you were going to keep your holiday spending down this year. And then Black Friday came and, suddenly, you bought a few more blu-rays than you intended to. You splurged on your present for your girlfriend more than you anticipated. You decided it might be nice to help your parents enter the 21st Century and finally got them an iPod. So… now what? Now it’s time to adjust your budget and to do it quickly.

  • Assess the damage. It may not be fun, but it’s important to determine how much you’ve already spent on presents. It may be better than you thought (or it may be worse!) but having an understanding of your expenses will be critical for planning for the rest of the holiday season.
  • Adjust your budget. If you’ve spent too much on presents, you’re probably going to need to cut back somewhere else. Check out this Holiday Budget Calculator to see if you can afford those concert tickets or that new sweater without blowing your budget.
  • Enjoy yourself. Once you have a plan for your holiday spending, don’t forget to have fun! Several cities have free concerts and events throughout December. Start a snowball fight with your brothers. Build a snowman with your girlfriend. Your wallet doesn’t have to suffer for you to enjoy spending time with your friends and family.

Black Friday can squeeze your budget but it doesn’t have to ruin your holiday spirit. Check out the Holiday Budgeting Center to learn more tips about how to find savings and still have a great time.

by JohnH

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