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After surviving the winter months and wrapping up midterms, you’re probably looking forward to spring break. Here are some ways to enjoy a well-deserved vacation without breaking the bank:

Online Travel Deals: If you’re set on travelling to an exotic locale such as Cancun or the Caribbean, check out Internet deal sites such as Groupon, Living Social, Travelzoo that offer regular discounts on vacation packages, hotels, and excursions. Make sure to read the fine print for any time or fare restrictions.

Stay Local: Pick a city or town near you and play tourist for a few days. With a little research, you can probably find plenty of things to do like going to a concert, visiting a museum exhibit, or exploring a new neighborhood. Check out Citypass for discount tickets to major attractions.

Take a Road Trip: All you need are a few adventurous friends, a reliable car, and your GPS. You can visit and stay with family and friends along the way, take back road detours on a whim, and even splurge one night at a hotel or try out a youth hostel.

Go Camping: Enjoy the great outdoors by going on a camping trip at a national state park or nearby beach. You can also buy an annual park pass that helps you save some money at parks across the country.

Alternative Spring Break: Though this may not be the most relaxing vacation, some students are taking their time off to travel abroad and volunteer for a good cause.

If you decide to stay home this year and want to take care of some personal business, you could always catch up on Practical Money Skills. Kidding… mostly.

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