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“It’s the thought that counts.” We hear this expression all the time, often as a condolence to the person who shows up with a lame gift, or one that’s clearly thrown together at the last minute. But the real meaning behind the phrase is a perfect fit for Mother’s Day. Whoever coined this phrase was probably a Mom herself.

Moms don’t expect you to spend a fortune on Mother’s Day. So don’t. Just make her feel special, by simply being thoughtful. You’re probably an old pro at this, but here are some inexpensive, meaningful ways to shower Mom with love this Sunday.

Moms love cards. Seriously, every Mom loves getting a card. It’s in their DNA. So if money is tight, a nice card is a simple, legitimate way to honor Mom. If you don’t find one you like at the store, make one. Even if you’re getting her a gift, include a card. It’s a tradition that lets you express in words how you feel, and Mom will eat it up.

Pick up the phone. “Call your mother.” Whether she lives far away, or across town, a phone call on Mother’s Day is worth every penny. And remember to make it all about her. Calling her to ask for your next tuition check is Mother’s Day buzz kill.

Pick up the phone, again. Beyond making thoughtful calls to Mom, those smartphones attached to the sides of our heads are also great for creating Mother’s Day memories. Find or take a digital photo of Mom, or a fun memory you shared, and make it the centerpiece for your gift. Print and frame it, or create a webpage with it. You could even record a video message for Mom on your phone. Trust us, she’ll end up playing it over and over again, and making her friends and neighbors watch it.

Work it. Moms love it when their kids work. Especially doing things they can’t or don’t want to do. So take this opportunity to help Mom out with some of the chores and tasks she has on her list. Run some errands. Do HER laundry for a change. Make her breakfast. Replace those light bulbs. Hang that picture. Or just give her some down time. Not only will she think you are so multi-talented, she’ll be reminded how smart she was to have kids that can take of her for a change.

Take your Mama out. Get Mom out of the house for some quality time. Plan a picnic, a hike, a matinee, or a trip to a museum. Just think about the things she enjoys doing. Give her a few options and let her decide how she’d like to spend the day.

Help Mom everyday. Have fun on Mother’s Day. But remember to lend a hand everyday. Helping Mom take care of her finances is a great way to show some love. For example, here’s an article on how to make a will.

by JohnH

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