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You’ve done it! You landed a job. But before you call all your friends and family and post the good news on Facebook, take a deep breath and think. Is it really what you want? Here are some things you should consider before accepting a job offer.

Wages. You’ve probably received an offer for a specific wage, whether it’s salary or hourly. Make sure you do your research. What’s the average wage for that position in your city? What salary does someone with your professional background typically receive? This will help you determine whether the offer is too low or just right. Payscale and Salary are a couple websites that help you compare wages.

Location. Is the job in the center of a major city? Is it 20 miles down the traffic-heavy freeway? When considering location, think about your potential commute. If you drive, is there parking? If you take the bus, will it drop you off close to the office? Also, are there good places to eat nearby? You’ll be spending a lot of time there – make sure it’s a place you want to be.

Work atmosphere. While it’s difficult to understand the personality of an entire office from the get-go, you can consider who works there. Are the majority of employees young? Do they wear suits and ties everyday, or jeans? Do they work together or independently? Since you’ll be surrounded by these people everyday, it’s important to determine if your personality is a good fit.

Getting a job is a two-way street. Just because they chose you doesn’t mean you have to choose them. Make sure it’s what you want, too. For more resources about landing a job, check out these links.

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