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Did you know that Americans will spend an average of $300 on Independence Day celebrations this year? Those in the Midwest and the South are planning to spend the most on fireworks – $35 and $36, respectively. Unsurprisingly, men plan to spend over double what women plan to spend on fireworks. (For more interesting facts, check out this infographic.) This year, consider these alternative ways to save money while you commemorate Independence Day.

• Have a potluck. Get together for a BBQ with your friends and divvy up who brings what. Have Alex bring the chips and Sarah bring the drinks. If you divide it up, the cost will be cheaper per person and you’ll end up with a ton of food.

• Watch fireworks outside the fair. Entrance fees to county fairs can cost $20 per person. But the good thing about fireworks is that they can be seen and heard from a mile away. Stake out a new vantage point, like a hill or park, at which to watch the show.

• Homemade decorations. Pre-made decorations can be overpriced. Make your own and have fun doing it. Get some construction paper and ribbon to make banners and flags. Or pick flowers from the garden for colorful centerpieces.

• Simplify the entertainment. You don’t need a fancy Slip ‘N Slide or an entire bag of sparklers to have a good time. Host your BBQ at a local park or at someone’s house with a pool. Use it as an opportunity to relax and simply spend time with one another.

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