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The prospect of applying to college is both exciting and daunting. There are so many schools out there that offer different majors, social scenes, housing and tuition. How are you to know which one is right for you? Luckily, there are many resources out there – both online and in print form – that can help. Check out the following suggestions.


Book of Majors 2013. Unsure what you want to major in? Or do you want to know the school with the best Biology program? This book explains over 1,000 majors and 3,800 colleges that offer them.
College Handbook 2013. With over 2,000 four-year colleges and 1,500 two-year community colleges, this resource includes indexes and comparisons to make your search more efficient.
Complete Book of Colleges 2013. Produced by The Princeton Review, this book details tuition, financial aid, test scores, majors, housing and student activities for over 1,600 colleges and universities.


College Confidential. Confused about the admissions process? This site was built to help you understand what to expect when you apply to college, including costs. It also allows you to search for colleges, read reviews and compare rankings.
College Prowler. This site has a list of approximately 7,000 schools. Established with a “by students for students” ideology, it allows you to compare colleges, find scholarships and determine how your test scores and GPA measure up with other potential applicants.
The Princeton Review. If you’re worried about taking the SAT, The Princeton Review explains what to expect and offers private/customized tutoring, group tutoring and online tutoring.

Finding the right college is one step. Discovering a way to pay for the right college is an equally important step. You’ll need to know about financial aid, budgeting and average textbook costs. To find out more, check out these helpful guides.

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