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Today, many of us are constantly on the go, with little time to sit down with a paper and pen and draft a budget. But lack of time shouldn’t negate the importance of managing your money. Luckily, smartphones apps have made it a lot easier. Check out these free money management apps.

Mint: Securely tied to your bank account, this app allows you to track your account balances and expenditures, analyze spending and create a monthly budget. You can also receive alerts if you’ve exceeded your budget or your bank balance is low.

Manilla: If you are constantly in danger of forgetting to pay your bills, this app might be the one for you. It allows you to set up automatic reminders and digitally organize your bills, statements, offers and more.

Expensify: Travel a lot for business? With this app, you can scan receipts, track mileage and expenses and create an expense report.

Check: Like Mint, Check makes it easier to manage your finances by compiling all your information in one place. Use it to pay bills, watch spending, track investments and stay on top of suspicious activity.

HelloWallet: Interesting features include step-by-step guidance for emergency savings, retirement and debt reduction and goal setup.

The easier it is to manage your money, the more likely you are to do so. The key is to make sure that the medium you are using is safe and secure.

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