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October is a month of pumpkins, candy and goblins – and it’s a time when “Trick-or-Treaters” of all ages open their wallets to spend. But Halloween purchases can really add up. Don’t let the first holiday of the season bust your budget. Read on to discover tips to reduce those tricky costs.

Treat bags. Stores stock shelves with plastic baskets shaped like pumpkins and other such fancy candy carriers. But going back to the traditional pillowcase treat bag offers an opportunity to save money – and you might even find it will hold more candy than a store-bought basket.

Candy. In the case of Halloween candy, waiting until the last minute just might work in your favor. Stores often lower prices to rid their shelves of Halloween candy early to make room for Thanksgiving and Christmas merchandise. Check your local newspaper for coupons or deals and don’t be too pick in your selection – avoid the supersize and grab whatever’s cheapest.

Entertaining. Plan ahead! Make a budget and stick to it, reuse decorations and work together. Potlucks are a great way for everyone to chip in. After your party, shop clearance sales for next year’s décor.

Costumes. Seasonal Halloween stores can be tempting, but expensive. Instead, be thrifty. Swap with friends, create what you can out of what you already have or jump online to eBay or Amazon.

You don’t need to spend tons of money to celebrate Halloween. Remember – the holiday season hasn’t even begun. Get creative and save your money.

For more Halloween budgeting tips, click here. Also, use this entertainment calculator to plan your holiday spending.

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